Appraisal "Gotcha's" Part II - The Outside Of The Home

April 25, 2016

Many things inside the home can cause trouble with the appraisal. Missing appliances, the water heater straps, CO detectors, etc. But the outside can provide some challenges for a nice smooth appraisal process as well. Besides a safe, permitted deck, here are more things to watch out for.


1.  Swimming Pool. The pool cannot be empty. It must have water in it and the water can't be green or discolored. The pool should be in good working order.


2. Broken Windows. If there are broken windows, or one pane is broken out of a sliding glass door you should clear the broken shards of glass.


3. Exposed Wires or Missing Fixtures. Just like inside the home, wires poking out are a fire safety. If there is a place where a heat pump or air conditioning unit should be, it needs to be there.


4. Safety Bars on Windows. These are not necessarily a problem unless there is no release mechanism. This creates a fire and safety hazard.


5. Missing Siding. This is a big no-no. The appraiser will photograph and document any missing siding and it will have to be repaired and re-inspected.


6.  Mold. If there is mold or water damage under the eaves or on the outside walls the appraiser will make a note of it and things will get held up.


7. Standing Water Under the House. This is a health issue and an appraiser will take note.


8. Paint or Chemical storage. If old paint or chemicals are not stored safely the appraiser will photograph and come back out to make sure they are cleaned up or removed properly.


Work with your Realtor and Mortgage Professional to have a smooth appraisal and close on time!




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