Loan Application Documentation Checklist


Your loan officer will use this list to make sure we have as complete of a file as possible to submit to the underwriter. Your immediate attention to this list is extremely helpful to getting your loan closed quickly. There may be specific items that an Underwriter will ask for upon review of this documentation which your loan officer will go over with you as necessary.



  • Most recent 30 days of paystubs – all pages make sure to show employer, employee and year to date earnings

  • Award letter for Social Security, Disability, or Pension

  • Most recent W-2’s for all income sources – need start and end dates for each

  • Most recent tax return (1040)

  • Most recent 2 years of 1040’s and business returns for self-employed borrowers (1120 or 1065)

  • Up to date Profit and Loss statement (If more than 3 months into the new year)

  • Letter of Explanation for any employment gap over one month– please include dates

  • Other: ______________________________________________________



  • Most recent 2 months Personal Checking or Savings Bank Statements for all accounts *

  • Most recent quarterly statement for investment and/or retirement accounts*

  • Any new accounts – provide 2 months bank statements of the source of the account*

  • Any large deposits not income or tax return will need a letter of explanation and possibly documentation for the source of the deposit.

  • Closing Statement from sale of previous property

  • Proof of ownership, advertisement, and bill of sale with cancelled check and bank statement from purchaser of items or property.

  • Other: ______________________________________________________

*Any online print outs of bank statements must have Account holder Name, Institution Name, Date and Account number.


Down Payment Gift

  • Gift Letter from donor

  • Cancelled check from donor

  • Bank statements from donor to source the gift funds

  • Other: ______________________________________________________


Current Real Estate Owned (Rental Properties or Second Homes)

  • Lease or Rental Agreements

  • Mortgage Statements for all properties

  • Declaration page of Homeowner’s Insurance for all properties

  • Mortgage Notes for all properties

  • Other: ____________________________________________________________



  • Divorce Decree

  • Child Support Order

  • Bankruptcy Papers – full schedule needed if filed within 7 years

  • Education Loan Financing Terms and Conditions

  • Letter of Explanation for Credit Inquiries

  • Up to date statements on any disputed accounts

  • If refinancing to pay off debt - most recent statement from each account to be paid

  • Other: ____________________________________________________________



  • Driver’s License

  • Social Security Card

  • Photo Identification

  • Green Card

  • Work Visa - must have 3+ years to purchase a home

  • Other: ______________________________________________________



  • DD214

  • Child Care expenses

  • Nearest Living Relative – not in the home

  • Entire Household income – including children (for USDA only)

  • Annual Medical Expenses for household (for USDA only)

  • Other: ______________________________________________________

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